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December 26, 2019 by Dr Smiti Womens clinic0

Many parents are confused what and how to feed their toddlers. Some even force feed them. But, a toddler will eat only when she wants to; so let her decide. However, many toddlers become picky eaters. So, at times, parents worry about their child not eating properly.

According to doctors, it is best to plan your toddler’s meal into six courses over the day. Make sure your toddle eats at least three meals a day. If she likes to eat all the six small meals, let her. But, less than three is unacceptable. A reputable women doctor in Noida Extension advises parents to introduce different textures and tastes in food to their babies to expand her taste buds.

Here is a doctor-recommended toddler meal plan.

  1. Breakfast

Begin the day with a small breakfast. The tummy of your toddler is small, so keep the food portions small. For breakfast, you can give her oatmeal with milk, scrambled eggs, fruit slices, or a cup of milk.

If you are still breastfeeding your child, let this be her breakfast. You can feed her food after two hours of breastfeeding.

  1. Mid-morning snack

Give a snack two hours after breakfast. But, it should be atleast one and half hour before lunchtime. It is good to give your toddler an early breakfast, say by around 7 or 8 am, so that you can give her mid-morning snack by around 11 am, and lunch by 1 pm. For mid-morning snack, choose a fruit or flavored yoghurt. If she likes plain curd, give her that. Please avoid processed and packaged items like biscuits and others.

  1. Lunch

Give her something different for lunch. Avoid repeating the same items that you fed her in the morning. Nicely cooked lentils (dal) and soft chapattis is a great food combo. Skip the spices in dal, except turmeric and a bit of salt.

Afternoon snack

Give her afternoon snack at around 4 or 5 pm. You can give her a boiled egg or pieces of different fruits like mashed banana or a small portion of porridge (kheer) that contains mashed nuts. If she doesn’t want to eat afternoon snack, it’s okay. Do not force feed her. Some toddlers may want to breastfeed at this time. That’s fine too.

  1. Dinner

Some toddlers may not eat at night. However, try to give her something so that she doesn’t wake up feeling hungry at night. A few spoons of thick tomato soup or roasted sweet potato or a few spoons of lentils and rice mixed together can suffice.

  1. Bedtime snack

If your toddler feels hungry, you can give her a cup of milk or a piece of fruit at bedtime. Or maybe you can breastfeed her. Give her bedtime snack only when she demands it. Make sure you give your child water in between meals. Meal times are bonding times between you and your child. Make them special and fun, something that your toddler looks forward to. In case you have doubts about your toddler’s eating habits, please consult a renowned women doctor in Noida Extension.

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