Diagnosis & Management of Infertility

Are you stressed about not being able to conceive a child? Infertility is not a curse when we have the treatment for it. When science and medicine have progressed so far, the treatment of infertility is made possible. Not only is it practiced and opted, but it is also successful for many females. All you need is a good healthcare facility where your concern is addressed well.

Diagnosis & Management of Infertility

Visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic if you are truly interested to find the best solution for infertility. The cause of delay in pregnancy or incapacity to conceive can be varied. Hence, we understand it is important to diagnose the exact cause of infertility. Post which, our gynecologist channelize the efforts for the management of infertility. Our clinic is well equipped and employs trained staff to help heal the patient emotionally as well as medically. We care for you and if you trust, then consult our experienced staff who do not intend to charge you heavily. It is because we understand the worth of your stress and money.

If you are suffering from infertility, then we will ask both you and your husband to undertake the test for infertility. We start by asking about your sexual frequency and activities. Then we would request you to conduct some tests for both you and your husband. Your husband will have to undertake the Semen Analysis. For you, our gynecologist, Dr. Smiti will ask for Ovulation Testing, Ovarian Reserve Testing, Hormone Testing, and others.

Despite the tests, if we fail to diagnose the cause of infertility, then we will have to take further examinations.

We use Laparoscopy to assess other causes of infertility like issues in fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries. With the help of a small fiber tube fitted with a camera, we find out the best solution to treat infertility. Our doctor will make a small cut near the belly, through which the tube will be inserted inside. The abdomen will be inflated through a harmless gas. It will allow the doctor to examine the pelvic area.

After examination, the exact point of the problem can be spotted. If the treatment can be done immediately, then the procedure will become a laparoscopic surgery. Our surgeon will remove the scars, endometriosis, and fibroid tissues.

If we have established that there is a medical issue with the men, then we would ask them these things:

1. Pop Medicines: Consume medicines to increase sperm count. It will help achieve pregnancy.
2. Surgery: We advice surgery to rectify the sperm blockage. It can help to restore fertility.
3. Sperm Retrieval: In this treatment, we help to retrieve sperm when a man has problems to ejaculate.
4. Changing Lifestyle: The basic factor that can help improve fertility is the change of lifestyle. Men should immediately stop smoking or consumption of alcohol. They should also enhance the frequency of intercourse and try to remain stress-free.

Do not worry, if you have not been able to conceive so far. Our gynecologist can recommend you:

1. Intrauterine Insemination: Under the artificial insemination, the sperm will be directly placed in your uterus. It is done when the ovaries release eggs enabling a female to conceive.
2. Surgery: If need be, our doctor will conduct the surgery to restore fertility in you. In case, the cause of infertility is Endometriosis, larger fibroids, and other illnesses, then we will advise for laparoscopic surgery.
3. Ovary Stimulation: Some fertility drugs that will enhance the ovulation. It will allow you to release eggs better and raise a chance.

We may also recommend the use of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) techniques

Yes, the ways to treat infertility like IVF or surgical methods are extremely safe.


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