Are you facing problems in conceiving a child and suffer from painful menstrual cycles? If yes, then you must get it checked. There are many reasons for this state of health. But one established cause is the unreasonable growth of tissues on ovaries, intestines, or fallopian tubes. What is it and what should you do about it? Completely unaware of anything like this? Then you must consult a gynecologist like Dr. Smiti. She might check you for Endometriosis.


When the tissues that line the uterus grows outside, it leads to a disease called Endometriosis. This inner lining of the uterus internally is called Endometrium. But how would you know that you suffer from the same when the monthly cycles are already irritating for you? Any unusual symptom in the body must be immediately taken into consideration. That severe pain in your body especially during periods or while havingintercourse are some of the symptoms that you may have developed Endometriosis.

The disease might even lead to complications in the pregnancy making it a high-risk condition for the mother. Meet Dr. Smiti who is a qualified doctor. Her years of experience can help fight the pain. Visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to find the best solution to an illness like Endometriosis.

Depending on the severity of Endometriosis, our doctor and specialist Dr. Smiti will recommend some medications. If the situation is bad, then laparoscopic surgery will help.

The procedure involves the use of a laparoscope. It is a tube that has a video camera attached to one end. Our doctor will then make a small incision near your belly. After inserting the thin tube, she will be able to find out the exact situation of endometriosis.

It is the best possible way in which the exact amount of scarring on the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs can be identified.

After the diagnosis, the growth of the tissues can be removed.

Yes usually recovery is fast, but a few patients sometimes complain about the pain after the surgery. For a few more days, the patient can find it difficult to drive, swim, take a bath, or have sex.

Yes, there are chances of conceiving a child if you are suffering from endometriosis. But it may be difficult, If endometriosis has affected the ovaries or the fallopian tube, then it may effect egg transport & fertilization

Yes, it increases the chance of miscarriage

The procedure is safe but there are some risks involved with it. Laparoscopy can cause:

1. Damage to the blood vessels of the affected organs like stomach, bladder, intestine, ovaries, and others.
2. Internal Bleeding.
3. Infection.

Our specialist Dr. Smiti will recommend you maintain a healthy lifestyle to increase the probability of pregnancy. She will suggest that the female must also follow the following advices

1. Eat healthily and a balanced diet like whole grains, vegetables, and proteins.
2. Exercise or practice Yoga.
3. Maintain a healthy weight.


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