Heavy Bleeding in Periods

Does your monthly period leave you feeling very weak? Do you bleed heavily during your menstruation cycle? If yes, then we can understand the discomfort you may face quite often. Heavy bleeding accompanied by blood clots is a matter of concern especially when you have a long day at work.

Heavy Bleeding in Periods

The condition of heavy bleeding during periods can be treated. It can be a sign of menorrhagia in which the bleeding is abnormal and pain is severe. To avoid debility, you need to visit Dr. Smiti at our clinic. Keeping in mind the cause of heavy bleeding, our gynecologist can find the best solution for it. Consulting from Dr. Smiti will give you mental satisfaction which is required more than anything else. She has vast experience in gynecology. Our clinic has the experienced nursing staff who can give you quick ease. Their guidance can help you fight the illness with motivation.

According to our gynecologist, Dr. Smiti if you happen to use more than 16 sanitary napkins in one monthly cycle, you have abnormal bleeding. This can be considered heavy menstrual bleeding. We call it heavy bleeding if you bleed more than 80 ml per period.

The expert gynecologist at our clinic, Dr. Smiti states the possible causes of heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle may include:

1. Endometrial Polyp is a non-cancerous growth on the inner wall of the uterus.
2. Fibroids.
3. Adenomyosis which refers to the growth of tissues within the wall of uterus.
4. Anticoagulant which is a condition that happens due to some unwanted drugs. These drugs may prevent clotting.
5. Imbalance of hormones.
6. Cancers of genital tract.

You may feel these symptoms:

1. We need to use a double layer of napkins to prevent leakage because you have a heavy flow.
2. Feel the need to change the napkin in the middle of the night.
3. Passing blood clots more.
4. Tiredness, shortness of breath, and fatigue.
5. Soaking more than one sanitary napkin in one hour.

You must visit a doctor if you:

1. Change napkins after every hour when you are bleeding heavily.
2. Bleeding even after menopause.
3. Bleed Between the periods also.
4. If you yourself notice any alteration in your cycle pattern.

To diagnose the real cause of heavy bleeding in females, we conduct these tests:

1. Ultrasound: It is a simple and painless test to diagnose problems in uterus, cervix vagina. We will then see how the organs are working.
2. Blood Test: The blood test will help to check the level of anemia and thyroid.
3. Pap Test: The Pap test can help to know for the cancerous or non-cancerous growth around the uterus.
4. Endometrial Biopsy: The test to check the inner lining of the uterus to check for cancerous development.


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