Intrauterine Devices

Are you on the heights of your career or feel that you are still not settled in life and cannot have a baby? If yes, then that's normal. Increasing the size of the family is always a choice of the couple. Some are happy to have a complete family while others look to wait for the ultimate happiness.

Intrauterine Devices

In the nutshell, if you fall into the category who seeks solutions to prevent pregnancy, then you must consult a gynecologist. Dr. Smiti is an expert in the area and can suggest the best solutions to keep conception away. She is an asset to Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic as our patients are quite satisfied with her. Dr. Smiti treats her patients with thorough knowledge and patience. Also, at our clinic, we have the latest technology equipment. It allows us to conduct flawless diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Smiti can suggest you about intrauterine devices. If you are eager to understand the prevention of pregnancy and ways to do it, book an appointment now.

Yes, I will tell you about the intrauterine devices (IUD). It’s a T shaped device loaded in copper and is fitted in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Yes, the use of intrauterine devices is completely safe to prevent pregnancy.

Yes, the use of intrauterine devices is safe inside the body and these are long-lasting.

An intrauterine device is placed inside the uterus. It prevents the sperms from reaching the eggs and fertilizing it.

All methods to prevent pregnancy have their benefits. With an IUD or intrauterine device, I will suggest that there is less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant. It is better as:

1. They are less cumbersome to use.
2. They last a long time.
3. It is completely safe to use even when you are breastfeeding.
4. Intrauterine devices are just a one-time cost.

No, untill the exact reason for vaginal bleeding is known, I will not suggest using an intrauterine device. Some other people who cannot use IUD are:

1. Pregnant females.
2. Females suffering from cervical cancer.
3. Females who suffer from a pelvic infection.

The side-effects of intrauterine devices are not common in all females. But a few may suffer from:

1. If we use hormonal intrauterine device:

• Shorter periods or none at all.
• Headaches and Nausea.
• Breast Tenderness.

2. Irregular Bleeding.
3. Pelvic Infection
4. Slightly increased risk of ectopic pregnancy


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