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When it comes to childbirth, the scenes and images that spring up in the mind are that of a screaming, restless woman going into labor with many anxious faces all around her. This clichéd representation of child delivery as shown in movies and television serials is not a very accurate depiction of what women generally go through during delivery. However, according to a leading obstetrician in Greater Noida West, that does not dilute the fact that childbirth results in one of the most severe forms of pain.

With advancements in medical science in general, and gynecology and obstetrics in particular, it is now possible to have a normal, painless delivery. This is a wonderful development that can help women enjoy pregnancy without having to worry about suffering pain at the end of labor.

Epidural Anesthesia:

Epidural Anesthesia is used to make the delivery process a painless and easy one. It can be done at the best OBGYN in Noida Extension and is recommended by gynecologists generally for those who have a low pain threshold. It is a simple and cost-effective manner that can provide relief from the extreme pain experienced during childbirth.

This service is offered by the leading gynecology clinics in Noida Extension. A small injection is used to inject anesthesia through a fine tube called epidural catheter in the lower back. The doctor uses only select drugs to relieve the pain of labor. These are used to numb the nerves that cause the pain sensations. They do not affect the ability of the patient to move around or harm the baby in any way.

Why Is Epidural Recommended?

  • It allows the patient to relax and become an active participant in the delivery process as it reduces the level of discomfort and creates a positive feeling.
  • It can help in the management of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • In the event of a C-section delivery, the epidural arrangement can be used to administer anesthesia and manage post-delivery pain.
  • It can be administered to any woman who seeks a painless delivery.

Epidural Anastasia is also recommended for pregnant women with bleeding issues and for those who have undergone lower back surgery. Women with certain types of neurological disorders are also recommended this treatment.

The Process

First, a drip that allows the fluid to run into the vein in the arm is set up. The patient is required to curl on the side or sit bending forwards. Local anesthesia is injected into the skin to ease the process. A small tube is put in the back near the nerves that run from the uterus. Pain relieving drugs are pumped in continuously. The obstetrician, the anesthesiologist, and the nursing staff monitor the working of the epidural to make sure that the patient experiences a normal, painless delivery.

How Effective Is Epidural In Ensuring a Painless Delivery?

Epidural analgesia makes painless delivery a reality. It helps bring down the pain and discomfort level to the barest minimum. Patients may feel some pressure and contractions, but these can be easily managed by regulating the dosage of epidural anesthesia.

Epidural Service at Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic

At Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic, we have a dedicated team of gynecology and anesthesia experts to provide the best epidural service and ensure that our patients have a painless and normal delivery. Dr. Smiti has vast experience in managing and conducting painless deliveries.

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